Biomedical Equipment Maintenance Services

The increased sophistication, digitization and specialization of medical equipment, along with ever growing requirements for safety, accuracy and compliance means the maintenance and repair of specialist biomedical facilities is of critical importance.

Preventative Maintenance for the Biomedical Industry

Gilbert has decades of experience serving clients in the biopharm and biotech space. We design and build validated mechanical systems for wet/dry production and process cooling/HVAC systems, all monitored with automated industrial controls.

We can service your existing HVAC and plumbing systems to keep all operations running smoothly.

Our Test, Adjust and Balance (TAB) team can verify and certify your cleanrooms, biosafety cabinets, fume hoods and perform third party inspections.

 All of these services are undertaken by our own in-house technicians, meaning the job gets completed quickly, more efficiently and at a lower cost to our customers.

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Third-Party Inspections


Industrial Controls


Validated Piping


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Trusted in Biomedical Equipment Repair

We have offered our services to some of the most trusted names in biotechnology. 

Our technical knowledge, years of experience and dedication to continual development make us a supplier you can rely on for your biomedical facility maintenance & repair needs.

Our Preventive Maintenance Services