Indoor Agricultural Preventative Maintenance

Electronic farm equipment is an integral element of today’s agricultural environment. Local and state-wide regulations, as well as the complexities of modern farming machinery, dictates the need for robust monitoring and maintenance.

Reducing Risk Through Preventative Maintenance

Approximately 62 people are electrocuted on farms in the United States each year. Gilbert’s electrical maintenance services help agricultural land owners to understand the hazards presented and how they can be eliminated in order to avoid fatalities.

Agricultural buildings differ to standard domestic or commercial structures. There is less separation between internal and external environments, resulting in water exposure, exposed wiring and poor grounding for electrical components – greatly increasing electrical malfunction risk.

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Agricultural Electrical Maintenance Plan

Routine inspections are the first step in a robust agricultural electrical maintenance plan. Our experienced technicians can test your farm equipment and wiring, providing insight into maintenance and repair requirements.

Aside from ensuring you meet legal obligations in relation to safety and security, Gilbert help it’s agricultural customers to raise year-on-year profitability through avoidance of costly breakdowns and increased equipment lifespans.

In-House Capabilities

From indoor agriculture maintenance to fire safety inspections, all of our work is undertaken by our own in-house technicians. This allows us to get the work done faster, more efficiently and at a lower cost to you.

Our Preventive Maintenance Services