Industrial Mechanical Contractors

At Gilbert, our building automation systems and factory systems maintenance afford our clients the benefits of custom services and state-of-the-art engineering.

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Industrial Maintenance Services

Gilbert’s wide array of industrial services are designed to meet the needs of our clients at every step of the process. From fabricating custom equipment modules to offering specialized building automation and electrical engineering, we have the expertise and deep industry knowledge to exceed expectations.

Our building automation systems department can design and build cutting-edge centralized control systems to automate your building’s systems. Controls, redundancies, alerts, shutdowns, throttling, and all other processes can be programmed and automated to make our clients’ lives easier and to free up physical resources. For the lifetime of your systems, Gilbert’s industrial services team offers regular assessments and emergency repairs of all your facility’s systems.

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    What We Do

    • Design-Build of Industrial Facility Systems
    • Industrial Maintenance
    • Building Automation
    • Machine Automation
    • HVAC Systems
    • Plumbing Systems
    • Engineering and Estimating
    • Building Information Modeling (BIM)
    • Specialty Fabrication

    Your Industrial Mechanical Partner

    Our industrial services team has the skills and experience to design, fabricate, install, maintain, and offer emergency repairs, no matter the scale or magnitude of our client’s facility. When it comes time to upgrade your HVAC, plumbing, or building automation system, Gilbert is often able to do so without shutdowns.

    Our Gilbert engineers are extremely well-versed in how to meet our client’s specific needs, and because all aspects of the project life-cycle can be completed in-house, we are able to offer our custom services to meet any schedule or budget. 

    Our Promise

    Gilbert Mechanical engineers and technicians are specialists in industrial maintenance, and we are committed as a company to delivering state-of-the-art manufacturing plant mechanical and electrical solutions. 

    Our goal is to always exceed our clients’ expectations. For us, it’s not just a catchphrase, it’s an idea that is embedded in every level of our culture. Our drive to go above and beyond for our clients is why we offer innovative solutions that don’t compromise on quality or efficiency.