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Our factory maintenance and industrial controls afford our clients the combined benefits of fabricating custom equipment modules while providing the specialised services of automation and electrical engineering necessary for your operations.

Industrial Maintenance Services – Machine Automation

Gone are the days of manually opening and closing valves on a complex mechanical system to keep everything running as desired. Installing cases upon cases of relays, or using an array of different independent controls and managing them individually are all a thing of the past.

Gilbert’s industrial controls department will design and build a centralised control system using Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) to automate your mechanical systems. We start with your P&ID, or design one for you, and put together an equipment take-off. We team up with a UL certified panel shop to give you a reliable and insurable panel that connects your system to the control station. Your controls, redundancies, alerts, shutdowns, throttling and all other processes are programmed and automated to make your life easier.

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Programming the Software

Our engineers are extremely well-versed in all major PLCs. We primarily use Allen Bradley or Siemens, but we can work with just about any platform. We can also meet the IEC 61131 standard for integrating ladder logic, function blocks and structured text programming. 

Sequence of Events Reporting

We install controls systems that respond in 50-100 milliseconds (as high as 10ms based on the application) that also include sequence of events reporting. When a deviation occurs and the system must respond in sequence, being able to identify where the deviation occurred and the order of corresponding triggers will help you quickly locate and fix the problem. 

Fine Tuning

Our expert engineers have the ability to rapidly deploy PID’s with expert tuning, or properly implemented autotuners based on the complexity of the system. This ensures that your system can correct any deviation quickly and correctly.

Our Promise

Gilbert is an industrial maintenance company committed to delivering the best manufacturing plant mechanical and electrical solutions around.

It’s not just a catch phrase, it’s embedded in our culture. It is what allows us to service our clients with robust solutions, without compromising quality or efficiency.

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