Semiconductor Plant Maintenance

Gilbert understands that your processes and product yields maximize the cleanliness and reliability of your mechanical systems. Semiconductor plant failure is costly, but that risk can be mitigated.

Semiconductor Plant Preventative Maintenance

With the right design, engineering, installation and maintenance, your fabrication facilities can run smoothly all year round.

From customer fabrication techniques, custom tools, to specialized fabrication facilities – Gilbert is at the cutting edge of the Semiconductor industry.

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HVAC & Service (Inc: Semiconductor Plant Fire Alarm Assessment)


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Test, Adjust and Balance (TAB)


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Our Goal is Your Success

Test, Adjust and Balance Services

We know that you have to maintain a certain level of filtration and specific pressure cascades based on your process and product yields. Our skilled TAB technicians use the latest technology to precisely measure moisture, particulates and pressure to ensure that your environment is exactly what it needs to be. 

We can also balance your tools and aid in optimizing new spaces when the need arises to move your tools. We believe the best way to solve any problem is to prepare ahead of time and prevent the problem from ever arising. Our TAB department provides consulting design and start up services as well as regularly scheduled inspections to keep your semiconductor electricals running as they should be.

Prefab Services

Our focus on technology has not only allowed us to manufacture mechanical systems that our competition simply can’t, but we can also produce at a considerably higher rate- without compromising the quality.

The size of our pipe is only limited by the size of our flatbed delivery trucks. Our clean room has fusion machines for fabricating high purity plastics and a series of orbital welders to quickly burn out one lean weld after another. 

We have custom modified, four orbital, welding machines specifically for the task of making flanges up to 6” OD for the rapid fabrication and installation of your vacuums.

Our Promise

Technology evolves. Facilities change. Products and processes improve. The one thing that remains constant is our commitment to designing, building, installing and maintaining the best mechanical systems around.

It’s not just a catch phrase, it’s our culture, and it has been a part of everything we do. It is what allows us to service our clients with robust solutions, without compromising quality or efficiency. 

Our Preventive Maintenance Services