Building Automation Systems

Whether integrating Building Automation Systems into an existing structure or designing for a ground-up construction, Gilbert has the expertise to get you there. 

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Quality Building Automation Systems

At Gilbert, we know that installing a building automation system in a commercial or industrial space helps in many different ways. Our clients choose these systems to assist in providing reliable control without the need for time-intensive management, improving the comfort of tenants and occupants, and allowing building owners to manage energy and utility costs. Automated Systems also streamline maintenance and troubleshooting. 

Our expert Gilbert engineers and technicians help clients make crucial decisions about their systems planning and integration. We custom design building automations that integrate with  legacy systems as well as new design-build for upcoming and ongoing projects. In conjunction with our other electrical and mechanical services, at Gilbert we are able to offer a cohesive plan that brings together all of a building’s systems within one automated design. 

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    What We Do

    • Complete Building Automation Systems Design and Installation
    • Building Automation Systems New Construction, Remodel, and Service
    • Base Building Systems Integration
    • Custom Control and Automation Solutions
    • BAS Testing and Commissioning
    • Value Engineering
    • Building Automation Systems Maintenance and Repair

    Expert Systems Partners

    We believe in turning clients into project partners. Gilbert’s teams of engineers and field technicians take each new initiative seriously, treating it as their own. We offer building automation solutions that are custom designed for our clients and that meet their specifications and needs. We take the time to discuss all design goals and work with you to ensure that we achieve cost-effective solutions that exceed expectations.

    Premiere Packaged Services

    Gilbert is proud to offer a wide range of system design and construction services. Our team of experts makes it possible to provide packaged, one-stop solutions that meet all the needs of our clients. We have the expertise and crucial understanding to plan and install integrated plumbing, HVAC and electrical systems all managed through our building automation system designs for a wide range of commercial and industrial markets.