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We offer premiere commercial & Industrial HVAC service, preventive maintenance, and repair, servicing Minneapolis and the wider Minnesota region.

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HVAC Service & Preventive Maintenance

Servicing HVAC systems is what Gilbert is built on — and it’s at the core of our business today. Our company has decades of experience in HVAC maintenance and HVAC service and repair in Minneapolis and the wider Minnesota region. From high-tech data centers to biopharmaceutical laboratories and manufacturing plants, we have a wealth of experience in HVAC maintenance and repair across commercial and industrial sectors.

At Gilbert, we understand that HVAC service and maintenance is a responsibility that covers a range of needs. No matter the system, our technicians have the experience to keep your systems running. From cooling towers to boilers and everything in between, we help your buildings maintain safe and comfortable environments. Our preventive maintenance helps improve efficiency and extend the life of your systems, while our around-the-clock HVAC service and repair means that you never have to worry about an emergency.

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    What We Do

    • Cooling Towers
    • HVAC Equipment
    • Chillers
    • Boilers
    • CDA + Vacuum Equipment
    • Vibration Analysis
    • Predictive Maintenance
    • Furnace Repair

    Minimize Commercial & Industrial HVAC Operating Costs

    Having a cutting-edge system in place is a great start to reducing your HVAC operating costs, but following up with unparalleled maintenance and HVAC service will ensure the best performance and longest life for your system. Accurate detection and fast, precise repair are hallmarks of our service at Gilbert Mechanical.

    We’re also able to offer our preventive services within occupied spaces, so that your business keeps running smoothly, and even emergency repairs are often able to be completed without disruption to your regular operations.

    24/7 Service & Repair

    The mechanical infrastructure of your building is critical to its performance. Both people and processes can be affected by failed climate control—bringing your business to a halt. You need experts who are available at all hours, ready to respond, and who provide unmatched communication and performance. Our technicians tackle your issues to get your building back to peak performance quickly and reliably.