Service & Maintenance

The mechanical and electrical systems bring life to a building; moving air to keep you warm, pumping water to cool equipment and powering lights so you can see. Gilbert’s experts are available anytime, day or night, to keep these systems operating and your business running.


Because Gilbert manages the engineering, installation, controls, start-up, testing and service of the HVAC system, we are completely accountable for its performance. Our goals are to ensure customer satisfaction and maintain long-term relationships, so we make sure our systems work – it’s as simple as that.


Gilbert’s plumbing division offers a single source for designing, installing, maintaining, and upgrading your systems. Our plumbers and pipe fitters are professional, courteous, and highly skilled in plumbing and heating installations, as well as complex medical, laboratory and specialty process piping systems.


Electrical systems in buildings are technical and complex. Gilbert’s ability to design, build and maintain these systems completely in-house sets them apart from the rest. We stand by our installations, developing relationships with our customers that last as long as the buildings we build.

Building Automation Systems

Programming, monitoring, and troubleshooting your mechanical systems through the Building Automation System is key to keeping your building operating effectively and efficiently. These systems help reduce operating costs, extend the life of the equipment, and assist in diagnosing issues before a failure happens. Gilbert can help you design, install, monitor, and update your BAS to ensure you will save time and money now and in the future!


Gilbert’s plumbing division offers a single source for designing, installing, maintaining, and upgrading your systems. Our plumbers and pipe fitters are professional, courteous, and highly skilled in plumbing and heating installations, as well as complex medical, laboratory and specialty Installation, repairs, maintenance, and yearly inspections are all part of the services provided by Gilbert’s Fire Protection division. The need for our customers to have a properly functioning system is understood and delivered every day by our technicians.


Custom sheet metal cutting and welding, pre-fabricated plumbing skids and welded piping spools can all be done quickly and efficiently at Gilbert’s 30,000 square foot fabrication shop. If you can dream it, we can build it!

Engineering / Design-Build

Successful projects don’t just happen. They are the result of well-planned designs, carefully considered alternatives, and the ability to build solutions to potential problems into a project from the start. Gilbert’s team of seasoned engineers have experience working in many different industries, giving them the critical thinking needed to come up with unique solutions for our customers.


Because of our complete in-house capabilities, initial installation is always completed with service in mind. Our well-established service department handles all of our customer’s service needs quickly and efficiently. Customized on going service contracts ensure safe, efficient and reliable operation of all types of systems. Our highly trained service technicians are available 24/7 for your emergency breakdown repairs.
In addition, our experienced service technicians perform all start-up and electronic testing of all mechanical equipment. This ensures that all equipment is operating properly and efficiently before the project is turned over to the owner.

Your mechanical and electrical systems need routine checks to ensure the building is operating at peak performance and you can get the longest life out of your equipment.


At the core of your building, you need an HVAC system that is economical, efficient, reliable, and above all, provides the correct environment for workers and machinery alike. At Gilbert, we pride ourselves in being a full-service design-build services provider, with the ability to deliver a project from conception to completion. We are leaders in the “green buildings” market, and we have the experience to back it, with numerous LEED-Registered and Certified projects under our belt. Every job is fully customized to meet your needs. If you can imagine it, we can build it

Through our modeling technologies, we look at alternative HVAC systems and compare the initial installation costs to the annual energy costs. With that data, we can select a solution that best fits the customer’s needs.


We never back away from a challenge and have the ability to tackle projects of all scopes and sizes. This has made us a trusted partner of many of the nation’s most recognizable companies. Our plumbing division offers a single source for designing, installing, maintaining and upgrading your systems. Experienced engineers work hand in hand with seasoned plumbing professionals to deliver efficient systems using state-of-the-art technologies, and the use of quality products and materials. Our plumbers and pipe fitters are professional, courteous, and highly skilled in plumbing and heating installations, as well as complex medical, laboratory and specialty process piping systems.

By handling all of the design, installation and service in-house, Gilbert has the ability to meet all of our client’s requirements from idea conception through the life of the building.


Our specialized electrical solutions are designed to perform in critical environments such as data centers, advanced hospitals, labs, and other critical facilities. Our signature approach to electrical solutions provides value from the earliest stages of design through preventative maintenance. We work with facilities personnel to fully understand the unique needs of each project and make expert recommendations based on decades of experience.

Our capabilities extend beyond those of the traditional electrical contractor. Our staff takes the time to communicate with and educate our clients. This assures that the delivered installation meets or exceeds expectations.


We have the tools and the expertise necessary to design, install and service your automation system. No matter what the size, from the smallest of custom jobs to the area’s tallest of buildings, Gilbert will design/build your system from the ground up, or integrate with legacy control systems to bring your building system up to date with modern technology.

From the first idea through testing and commissioning, Gilbert can design and install a system that meets your specific needs. Our goal is to provide a flawless control system that helps your systems run efficiently and your company run smoothly.


Our staff of NICET certified designers, licensed union trained field technicians and experienced project managers are each dedicated to maintaining quality, control and safety from project development through completion. We understand that communication and coordination are essential and we strive to make every project a success. We specialize in the medical, office, retail and light industrial markets and have the capabilities to drive successful outcomes regardless of scope, magnitude, complexity, or speed of job.

Gilbert’s team of licensed sprinkler designers and installers are there to ensure your building is protected with the best water-based fire suppression system possible.


Using our ability to customize complete systems and create pieces from whole materials, our fabrication capabilities put us a step ahead. Fabrication allows flexibility in design, combining form and function with cost efficiency. Our in-house fabrication provides a new level of innovation.

Our team’s capacity to pre-fabricate systems in our climate-controlled shop reduces our time on the construction site, thereby saving money for our customers.


Our diverse team of 20+ engineers and designers work with owners, architects, and other subcontractors to coordinate design and ensure compatibility with existing building systems and infrastructure. It is a team featuring subject matter experts across numerous disciplines, [including LEED accredited engineers, mechanical and industrial engineers]. This allows us to tackle an unmatched scope of markets and projects.
Utilizing the latest Building Information Modeling (BIM) 3D software, our team excels with services such as total station layout, prototype modeling, fabrication detailing, and MEP coordination. By leveraging this in the pre-project process with a team of field-savvy technicians, we accurately assess your needs, coordinate the design, and model complex HVAC, plumbing, and process systems in 3D.

Our in-house engineers utilize Revit, AutoCAD, Navisworks and Trane Trace software to ensure your building systems are designed accurately and fit properly.