HVAC Systems

Across industries, safety and success rely on clean air and a comfortable working environment. Gilbert’s HVAC systems technicians have the skills and know-how to optimize any location. 

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Quality HVAC Systems Construction

Gilbert Mechanical is dedicated to our customers and to maintaining our reputation as a five-star source for HVAC Systems engineering, construction and installation. We emphasize full-service customer care, working with our clients for the life of their HVAC systems. From design, building, and installation to ongoing preventative maintenance and repair, we offer a full range of services for HVAC construction in the Twin Cities area.

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    Workers installing industrial chiller

    What We Do

    • Complete HVAC Systems Design and Installations
    • Duct Service, Fittings, and Installations
    • Commercial HVAC Service, New Construction, and Remodel
    • Rooftop Air Handling Systems and Packaged VAV Rooftop Handlers
    • 4-Pipe Fan Coil Units
    • Humidification Systems
    • High-Pressure Steam Boiler Systems for Sterilization
    • Energy Recovery Wheels 
    • Variable Speed Compressors
    • High-Efficiency Hot Water Boilers
    • Air-Cooled Chillers

    Meeting Industry Needs

    At Gilbert, we supply HVAC systems design, construction, and maintenance to companies within a wide range of industries. We understand the unique needs of our clients across sectors, and our skilled technicians are prepared to design and install tailored systems that fulfill all requirements. 

    Working in concert with our other services, including plumbing and building automation, Gilbert’s environmental systems are able to be designed to meet a wide variety of specifications and industry requirements. From high-efficiency systems to multiple tenant distribution, we work with our clients to understand their specific needs and determine creative solutions that don’t break the bank.

    Customized Design-Build

    Whether for a brand-new building or a renovation, our design-build HVAC systems services offer a one-and-done option for HVAC construction. By bringing together under one roof the design and engineering process of a system as well as a system’s construction and installation, we are able to offer timely, streamlined services to our clients. 

    At Gilbert Mechanics, our design-build services include more than the expertise of our HVAC specialist engineers and technicians, we also work as a single team to ensure that we accurately communicate important information, problem solve quickly, and supply our clients with timely results that exceed expectations.