Building Information Modeling (BIM)

We utilize industry-leading technology to ensure our clients receive high-quality results while staying on schedule and on budget.

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Cutting-Edge Building Information Modeling

The Building Information Modeling experts at Gilbert Mechanical provide support to owners, architects, and general contractors through our BIM services. We assist in early detection and solution development when it comes to schedules, designs, and operational complexity. With BIM modeling from Gilbert, clients are able to see in complete detail the layout and virtual construction of their projects before teams even break ground. 

We utilize the most advanced software in the industry in order to give our clients accurate plans and to facilitate collaboration between all parties, including owners, engineers, architects, and contractors. At Gilbert, we employ a full suite of BIM software including Revit, AutoCAD, Navisworks, and Trane Trace. Our Building Information Modeling services ensure that all designs are coordinated between stake-holders, reducing uncertainty and saving time and effort.

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    What We Do

    • Complete BIM MEPT Modeling and Drafting
    • New Construction and Remodel BIM Services
    • Revit Family Creation Services
    • Scan to BIM Services
    • Cost Estimation
    • Clash Detection
    • BIM Simulation
    • BIM Coordination

    The Future of Engineering

    By using our advanced Building Information Modeling software, Gilbert is able to create 3D, data-rich models that allow our engineers and technicians, as well as other stake-holders, to optimize the project’s design, construction, schedule, and operations. This technology has revolutionized construction, making it easier than ever to effectively plan a successful construction project while avoiding frustrating–and often expensive–mistakes and miscommunications. 

    Experienced Professionals

    We understand that not every new and shiny bit of software actually improves operations. We started on the cutting edge of utilizing BIM technologies in the Twin Cities area and have finely-honed the services we offer and the software we choose to use. Our technicians are well-versed with 3D tools and are knowledgeable about BIM best practices. With our experience, Gilbert is able to provide more than a novelty–our models can have a dramatic impact on project efficiency, schedule, and budget.